Floras, Plant Lists, Surveys, Inventories, Guides, Etc.





A list of plants in a specific region and/or time period is called a Flora. Plants or sometimes fungi are usually identified by their taxonomic name. Naturally occuring plants are commonly the content of Floras, but agricultural, horticultural, and weed species may be listed. A Flora is likely to include a little more information than just names. Plants are usually categorized by taxinomic type and may include some characteristics or description.

The equivalent list for animals is Fauna, and lists with multiple life forms are known as Biota. Other names are used for similar region lists such as Inventory, Vascular Plant List, Checklist, Survey, and Guide. Each may have a different purpose and structure, but all can be useful if prepared with accuracy.

Flora's and similar plant lists have many uses. They help us prepare for what we might see on a simple nature walk. They provide data for deep analysis of what has changed in an area over time. For example of historical lists, see Pequegnats 1951 biota of the Santa Ana Mountains and Marsh's 1983 biological resources of Laguna Beach. Detailed understanding of change in a shorter period of time comes from event surveys. For example, see the Holly Fire Surveys of 2019.

Below is a sample of Floras and similar plant lists. Several have important research value and we are making sure they stay easily findable in the public domain.



Santa Ana Mountains

Caspers Wilderness Park, Flora - 2003, Bob Muns, J Strong, T Chester, website

Casper's Wilderness Park Plant Checklist (still on-going), Simpson, Crowe

Analysis of Rare Plant Occurrence Data for Monitoring Prioritization - 2020, Laskey, et al

Santa Anta Mts., Holy Fire Surveys - 2019, Vanderhoff, Roberts, Allen and Plant Data tables

Santa Ana Mts, Biota - 1951, W. Pequegnat

Santa Ana Mts., Vascular Plant Additions - 2001, Boyd

Lucas Canyon, San Mateo Wilderness, Plant list - 2014, Ron Vanderhoff

San Juan Loop Trail Common Bryophytes, photo guide - Paul Wilson

San Mateo Canyon Wilderness, Santa Ana Mts., Flora - 1995, S. Boyd, T. Ross, D. Bramlet

Starr Ranch, Flora - 1996, Audubon/Starr Ranch website

Sinks - Hangman's Tree Rd - Markel Spur, Plant list - 2003

Elsinore Peak Plant List,  Steve Boyd, 2003



Laguna Beach/Canyon - Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park, Flora - 2002, State Park, B. Muns, T. Chester website

Laurel Canyon, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Flora - 2003, B. Muns, J. Strong, T. Chester, website

Laguna Beach Biological Resources Inventory - 1983, Karlin Marsh, F. Roberts, J. Lubina, G. Marsh

Laguna Canyon Biological Resources Inventory - 1993 Karlin Marsh, J. Pike

South Laguna Biological Resources Inventory; 1992, Karlin Marsh, F Roberts, D Bramlet, G Marsh, R Reifner

Dudleya stolonifera Poaching, Laguna Beach, Vanderhoff, 2022

Dudleya stolonifera 5-Year Review, US Fish & Wildlife, 2021



Newport Beach/Bay - San Joaquin Marsh – UCI Ecological Preserve

Annual Volutaria Management Report, Upper Newport Bay, Newport Bay Conservancy, 2020-21

Annual Volutatia Management Report, Upper Newport Bay, Newport Bay Conservancy, 2021-22

Newport Beach Civic Center Park, Flora - 2014, Ron Vanderhoff

Upper Newport Bay, Vascular Plants - 2011, Robert De Ruff, website

Upper Newport Bay, Common Plants with Photos - Don Millar, website

UCI Ecological Preserve, Plants - 2003, P. Bowler, D. Bramlet

San Joaquin Marsh, Vascular Plant Detailed Checklist - 2004, P. Bowler & M. Elvin

San Joaquin Marsh, Vascular Plant Simple Checklist - 2004 list updated to JEP II names, P. Bowler & M. Elvin



Laguna Beach live forever
Dudleya stolonifera
An Orange County endemic plant. CA and U.S. protected.