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during the 1950’s
   as a young boy
     i could pull weeds for an hour
         and earn a quarter
i then could run & skip to the 
               corner market
   and for a dime
      buy a balsa wood glider
         trimmed in red
            with a weighted nose
                (some assembly required)
then with ease & grace
      that glider would
          swoop up
             dive down
                 do a tight 360
                   and crash to the ground
today i watch swallows
      under the little sycamore bridge
           ever graceful
                lots of swoops
                    tight banks
                        no crashes
and it doesn’t even cost me a dime
from the Nix Center on the way to Barbara’s Lake, under the 133/Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Orange County, CA  
Chuck Wright


Sycamores of Fremont Canyon
By Dawn Bonker
The metaphor of the sycamore is too good to be true.
Deep rains. New growth. Gutsy green fingerlings aim high. Living large.
Then disease hits. Not really a surprise. That’s the way it  happens here. Still, the shock.
A pause.
Then, a turn. New directions.
Branches grab fresh paths; grow right out of the troubled spots.
Again and again they shift, snag and dance until they are tangled, wild-haired ladies.
Strength in every knob, scar, u-turn, elbow and angle.
So true.

2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Travel Grant

Congratulations to Marlee Antill, James Bailey, Rebecca Crow, Hailey Laskey, and Wilnelia Ricart, winners of our 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Student Travel Grant! We look forward to seeing them at the Conference next February. 

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