Getting Friendly with Fungi

Speaker: Joanne Schwartz

Date: November 16, 2017 (doors open 7:00 pm, Speaker at 7:30 pm)

Location: Duck Club, Irvine (Directions)

Explore the fascinating world of the kingdom Fungi with amateur mycologist Joanne Schwartz. She will describe methods for locating and identifying wild mushrooms in Southern California and beyond, as well as understanding their place in nature – oaks, pines, orchids and more are dependent on fungal associations. We will hear tales of fungal folklore and consider eating and growing them. Joanne will bring her collection of mushroom hunting gear and ID resources … and mushrooms too, if they are fruiting locally.

Her collecting in 2017 has focused in the Redwoods and southern Sierra, as well as Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Her presentation will feature recent finds from these locations.

In January we will head to the local hills on a mushroom foray with Joanne, her keen observer husband, Doug, and Ron Vanderhoff. The tentative event, pending appropriate conditions, is January 14 at Oak Flats. Please watch for details.

Joanne Schwartz is a very avid, amateur mycologist, having studied fungi since the 1960’s. She has collected and photographed fungi throughout the new and old world and has participated in field studies in Japan, Peru and Bolivia as well as the Redwoods of coastal California. Always searching for fungi to study, photograph and identify, Joanne is often found looking down while hiking. She is also an eager mycophagist (fungi-eater) and prepares wild fungi for tasting and for the dinner table whenever possible.

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