Native Gardeners’ Corner—Members’ Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

This column is a regular newsletter feature offering chapter members and local experts a chance to briefly share information on many things related to gardening with natives. The question for this newsletter is: What is the best garden-related gift you have ever received?”

Sima Bernstein-“The best gift was a banner with the following: GARDENING IS THE SLOWEST OF THE PERFORMING ARTS.”

Jackie Brodsky-“For me (74), the best gift ever was "labor". My grandson dug the holes and I planted each plant with TLC. Bazinga!”

Orchid Black-“Best gift ever: a British-made poacher's spade. I never use a bigger shovel anymore. If I were a new gardener, I would want a pair of Felco pruners.”

John Gossett-“Long-sleeved Foxgloves, by far the best gift ever. They allow me to weed, dig, and transplant, and yet feel what I am doing almost as well as if my hands were bare. I wore garden gloves of all sorts for years, but for these tasks they always came off in the first few minutes, leading to hands dry enough to drain a lake. These won’t last a long time, but they work. I use leather gloves for the other garden tasks. I always replace them with red ones to make them easy to find, but then I am expert at misplacing things, so maybe you would like a less blatant color?”

Rama Nayeri-“Cow…[poop]. I have a friend who is a farmer and she takes her cow feces and turns it into manure tea.“

Bob Allen-“Help weeding!“

Terry LePage-“Gift certificates for native plant nurseries!”

Dan Songster-“My favorite “Gift” was the time given to me by plant legends such as John Dourley, Lee Lenz, Mike Evans, Dave Fross, and a young Bart O’Brien in the early days of my relationship with native plants. Even today I am impressed and thankful for the way native plant folks such as Glenn Keator, Lili Singer, Carol Bornstein, Greg Rubin, and Jeff Bohn respond to questions I have. Plant lovers make a wonderful giving community, that is for sure!

Our question for the next newsletter is: “Do you grow any native plants because they are especially entertaining, interesting, or just plain weird?” Email your responses to Dan Songster at . Please remember to keep replies brief so we can include most of the responses!

2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Travel Grant

Congratulations to Marlee Antill, James Bailey, Rebecca Crow, Hailey Laskey, and Wilnelia Ricart, winners of our 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Student Travel Grant! We look forward to seeing them at the Conference next February. 

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