CNPS Orange County Chapter Membership Appreciation Day! Click here for flyer
October 17 from 9 am - 4pm at Tree of Life Nursery (Directions)
- Renew your membership (or sign up to be a member) and receive a free plant or seed packet
- CNPS members receive a 10% discount at Tree of Life Nursery
- The general public is welcome. Get expert plant selection help from CNPS members!
Don't miss these great talks - Plant Selection for Orange County and nearby gardens!
9:30 - Coastal Influenced Gardens - David Pryor
This talk will cover plants that live naturally and beautifully along the immediate coast and into
highly coast influenced Sunset Zone 24. Come learn how you can beautify your coastal garden!
10:30 - Creating a Woodland Theme - Dan Songster
Learn how how a relaxing, multi-storied woodland garden can surround your home and save water
at the same time.
11:30 - Coastal Sage Plants Bring Life to Your Garden - Jutta Burger, Ph.D.
Orange County's lower elevation predominant plant community, coastal sage scrub,
contains a range of textures, aromas, flowers, and fascinating insects to enliven our gardens. Learn
how to incorporate this fascinating community type into your landscaping project.
1:30 - Goldilocks “Just Right” Plants for Your Yard - Brad Jenkins
This talk will cover plants for Orange County that balance aesthetics, low water use, nativeness,
availability, nature value, and garden friendliness in his Goldilocks talk.