9. An Eye-catching Front Yard—Garden Grove

This brand new front yard garden is a mixture of 90% California native plants and 10% California friendly plants with recycled rubber and decomposed granite used as mulch. Combined with an energy efficient irrigation and lighting system this garden has become the envy of the neighborhood. Landscape designer Rama Nayeri of creations landscape designs will be in the garden from 10 to 4.

10. Back to Natives—Garden Grove

The garden features only locally native plants, including wildflowers and native grasses, Ceanothus, Blue Eyed Grass, Hummingbird Sage, Monkeyflower, Black Sage, Penstemon, White Sage, California Sagebrush, California Encelia, Buckwheat, and a beautiful, mature Elderberry that provides habitat for numerous species of birds. See fresh spring growth embracing a swale that catches rainwater, letting it percolate back into the ground. Walk the DG path, rest on a rustic wood bench and venture over a bridge to get the homeowners view of the world through a curtain of native, spring beauty. The designer will be in the garden to answer questions.

11. A Yard for All Tastes—Garden Grove

Two mature native fan palms welcome visitors to this garden. A border of natives runs along the front of the yard. The mix of natives with exotics out front accommodates the desire for roses while the pool in the backyard is surrounded almost entirely by natives growing naturally. Plants are selected for differing colors and flowering seasons, and the showiest ones are placed by the pool for the swimmer's view. Some plants that are not supposed to need any water have failed, and some that are said to need some summer water have done just fine. The oldest survivors are 3 to 5 years old. A beautiful mature Redbud graces the back as well. Unfortunately, no amount of drought-tolerant conversion will make up for the water that goes into the pool.

12. Under the Pine Tree—Garden Grove

A 35-foot stone pine towers over the garden and provides some shade. The garden has been worked on in stages over the last 4 years. It was begun in fall of 2008 when a few junipers, grasses and weeds were taken out and replaced with CA natives. Ceanothus, Manzanita, Salvias, Western Red Bud, Island Bush Poppy, Toyon and Abutilon are part of the original plantings. Ligustrum surrounding the entire front yard was taken out last year and a split-rail fence, which  sets off the garden nicely, was added along with more natives planted. Owner/designer Curt Craft of Craft Native Landscape Design will be available to answer questions.