13. Heritage Garden—Orange

The native plant garden at El Modena High School has been in existence for more than 30 years and has over 150 species of mature native plants to see in various settings, as well as many new ones. A butterfly garden, a Japanese Garden, a chaparral area, and a large succulent area are among the latest additions. There will be plant information flyers and books to peruse, as well as refreshments and bathrooms. Open to the public only on the first Saturday of the month.

14. Two Gardens in One—Orange

There are two houses on this property. The front garden has a mound covered in natives. In the back is a larger garden with edibles as well as a native garden with paths to wander. Interesting artifacts attract the eye as well as the birds and insects that are drawn to the variety of pollen and food sources. Many ideas to take away from this garden.

15. A Colorful Corner—Orange

What had been a dreary patch of grass has evolved into a shady woodland with a curved pathway that leads invitingly to the front door. Colorful Cleveland sage edges the sidewalk, further sheltering the house tucked away behind it. Visitors are also invited to tour the backyard. While still a work in progress, this large area shares the space with a fine chicken coop, a play area for children, raised beds for vegetables, and a bench for relaxation as well as many native shrubs and flowers.

16. Fullerton Arboretum

Fullerton Arboretum has a number of diverse California native gardens. Chaparral hill is the oldest native garden containing a variety of plants primarily from the coastal sage and chaparral plant communities. The Channel Island garden was constructed in 2004 with colossal boulders setting the backdrop for many of the islands’ unique plants. Heading eastward in the Arboretum as well as plant community we house a variety of interesting plants in our Mojave garden. Oddities suchas Scopulophila rixfordii and Petalonyx thurberi share garden space with with the ubiquitous but charming Larrea nitida. The most recent addition to our roster of native gardens is our California  meadow. Crowded with local grass species and a variety of colorful annuals and bulbs this garden is home to numerous birds and the abundant California photographer.

17. Many Gardens in One—Yorba Linda

This property features a blend of mature and newer plantings in several different settings. A large slope at the rear of the property with a naturalistic planting gives way to an invitingly landscaped rear yard designed for outdoor living. The most recent installation is the front landscape, designed by Rob Moore of California Native Landscape Design. This garden showcases many options for those considering the design or upgrade of their traditional landscape.