17. White Picket Fence in Orange: This corner yard in Old Town Orange was designed to create a secluded sitting area when the Manzanitas, Ceanothuses, and Coffeeberries mature. Existing large trees give dappled shade, but flowering plants and grasses thrive on the gentle mounds. Even in its youth, this garden provides a tranquil haven. Designed by Rob Moore of California Native Landscape Design, who will be in the garden during the day. New.

18. A Colorful Backyard in Fullerton: A standard, flat, all grass back yard has been converted into a charming area of gentle slopes with a colorful variety of drought-tolerant plants. Desert Mallow in varying shades is an outstanding feature along with Yellow Bells from Baja. Some vegetables are attractively incorporated in the plantings. Tina Cremer of h2xero will be present in the garden. New.

19. A Bit of Nature: This large mature garden has gone through many transitions as the dedicated gardener has added natives and chipped away at the lawn. Most recently, the front yard was completely redone and dedicated to California natives with the removal of a large pine tree. A certified Wildlife Habitat, this garden attracts many birds, lizards, and insects to a broad variety of flowering plants, water features, and interesting nooks and crannies. A bit of nature it surely is. On the tour in 2010.

20. The Children’s Garden: Native plants in the landscapes enhance the approach to the house, but it is the enclosed garden that is the main feature. Raised beds full of a harmonious variety of mature plants fill the angular space. In every spot available are pots with cuttings or seedlings. Though Father has a passionate interest in the garden and works in it daily, the two boys, ages 9 and 11, do much of the propagation and tending of the garden. Each has a special plant in the garden, too. The boys will be leading visitors through the garden.