13. Many Gardens in One in Tustin: Once a huge flat yard of grass fringed by overgrown shrubbery, the owner has transformed this space into a series of garden areas that abound with Ceanothuses, Manzanitas, Salvias, Ribes, Toyon, and on and on. Old rose bushes compliment. An area for vegetables and a grassy play area share the space. Quite recently, the front yard was re-landscaped with natives, despite the leaf-fall and shade from a neighboring avocado tree. On the tour in 2010.

14. A Large Corner Garden in Tustin: In this large planting area, the designer has effectively used big boulders to set off the mid-size plantings of salvias blended with a variety of native and other drought-tolerant plants. Decomposed granite pathways are accented with brick to tie in with brick elements on the house and lead to a seating area that will soon to be secluded by Manzanitas. The designer, Rama Nayeri of creations landscape designs, will be present in the garden throughout the day. New

15. Heritage Garden in Orange: The native plant garden at El Modena High School has been in existence for more than 30 years and has not only over 150 species of native plants to see in various settings, but many new ones. A butterfly garden, a Japanese Garden, a chaparral area, and a large succulent area are among the latest additions. There will be plant information flyers and books to peruse, as well as refreshments and bathrooms. Open to the public only on the first Saturday of the month.

16. The Bowen Garden in Santa Ana: This large yard, front and back, is always a work in progress in the hands of a devoted and masterful gardener. Two years ago, the conventional front yard was converted to a California native landscape inspired  by Coastal Sage Scrub and Chaparral, with a dry stream running through. Greg Rubin played a role in the design. This year, a portion of the large back yard has become a desert scape. Hidden behind mature shrubs is the vegetable garden. On the tour in 2010.