9. A Natural Front Yard in Newport Beach: Using locally native plants only, the designer, Back to Natives Restoration, created a naturalistic garden with an amazing variety of texture and color in a remarkable small space. The layout is carefully engineered to retain all runoff on the property while providing excellent drainage where even Wooly Blue Curls thrives. Dudleyas and various bulbs add spots of special interest throughout. On the tour last year.

10. A Brand New Garden in Costa Mesa: But a few months old, this front yard garden is a fine example of how a native garden looks in its infancy. The plants, which may look sparse now, are planted for future growth. Designed around an existing large street tree, the designer has used hardscape effectively to set off the planted areas. Designed by Rama Nayeri of creations landscape designs, the landscape contractor, Ed Wallace of Midwest Landscaping, will be present in the garden. New

11. Mature Wildlife Habitat in Costa Mesa: Inspired by nature, this garden attracts lots of birds and other creatures while providing a private sanctuary for  the human inhabitants. This is an opportunity to see native plants in mature size, from the Catalina Cherry and Alder in the front yard, to California Buckwheat, White Sage, and Island Snapdragon contending for space along the driveway. Fruit trees and vegetables share the backyard with thickets of False Indigo, California Rose, and Mule Fat. Truly a nature lover’s paradise. On the tour in 2007.

12. A Wildlife Habitat in Garden Grove: This front yard stands in sharp contrast to the turf yards surrounding it. Designed by Brady Redman to simulate a natural landscape, plants of Coastal Sage Scrub offer the textures and scents of nature, which can be appreciated from the large boulder sitting spot. Pretend that the large cacti are Saguaros (even though they’re from Peru) as they do a wonderful job of accenting the garden. New