5. Outdoor Living Spaces in San Juan Capistrano: Designed to create different areas sitting in shade or sun or enjoying the fine views, this well-designed garden maximizes the use of small spaces. Only two years old, the effect is never the less colorful and lush with a mix of native and other drought-tolerant plants. A focal point is the striking water feature that attracts birds and insects to the garden as well as providing the soothing sound. Designed and installed by Susan Trindle (in the garden in the morning) of A Native Garden Design Inc. New

6. A Colorful New Yard in Mission Viejo: Two years ago, the front yard grass was removed and the area was colorfully replanted in shades of purple with accents of red and yellow. It is now a striking landscape of California natives and other Mediterranean climate plants with a naturalistic path wandering through it to the entryway. Designed and installed by Susan Trindle (in the garden in the afternoon) of A Native Garden Design Inc. New

7. A Reflection of Nature in Lake Forest: A California native garden planted in scale for a small yard, this garden is designed to be a microcosm of south Orange County, with a little touch of desert. Lovingly tended by a knowledgeable gardener, it goes through the seasons with something always in bloom. A dry streambed, scattered boulders, and decomposed granite mulch set off the plantings. New

8. Orange County Natives at Home in Irvine: In a tiny front yard, this gardener indulges a passion for locally native plants and locally grown plantings. The front wall provides a backdrop for dramatic white sage, California rose, and Encelia, while Blue-eyed Grass peeks out from underneath. The owner loves to tell the story. On the tour last year.