1. Under an Oak Tree in Laguna Beach: Located on a rustic corner is the garden of one of Orange County’s noted natural history authors. Surrounding the large Coast Live Oak and popping up from nooks and crannies is an eclectic mix of California native flowers and shrubs, plants from Africa, and a variety of favorite succulents. The whole blends delightfully to screen street sounds and sights. New

2. A Baja Garden in San Clemente: Carefully placed rocks form a unique garden of niches and pockets under the shade of a hybrid sycamore street tree, setting this garden apart from all others on the block. Among Ceanothus and other shrubs, a maturing Manzanita frames the entryway, which leads to a colorful landscape straight out of Baja California. An outstanding feature is the large sunken conversation area and garden featuring a huge variety of cacti, succulents and other natives. On the tour in 2008, this garden has grown in beautifully.

3. Nature’s Oasis in Capistrano Beach: This compact front yard shows off the stars of Chaparral, Coastal Sage Scrub, and Native Grasslands with mature specimens. Locally native annuals and perennials accent with seasonal color. Other favorite natives grow in an interesting array of pots under the watchful eye of an expert gardener. Last on the tour in 2003.

4. Drought Tolerant in Capistrano Beach: Slopes descending from the parking lot of the Capistrano Beach Kingdom Hall have been artfully landscaped with water saving plantings. Featured in the corner section are a varied selection of California native shrubs and plants including Coast Live Oak, Manzanita, Ceanothus, Carpenteria, and Salvias. Designed by Sunny King of Gleesod Landscapes. New