Trip Recap

Nine people met up at the James Dilley Preserve for this field trip focused mainly on looking for the Intermediate Mariposa Lily, Calochortus weedii var, intermedius. Some other plants in bloom were the Sacapellote - Acourtia microcephala and lotsof California Buckwheat - Erigonum fasciculatum. We made our way up Canyon and down Mariposa Trails – and headed to Barbara’s Lake. Rosa californica and Vitis girdiana here by the water along with different species of Willows and other riparian plants. Five native plant enthusiasts remained to complete the whole loop on Edison and Sunflower trails – the cloud cover had burned off as we finished our almost 5 mile hike – when we returned to the parking lot it was starting to warm up significantly. Thank you to everyone – it was a really fun field trip.

A very fun morning with a great group of native plant and outdoor enthusiasts.