Trip Recap

On Sunday 4/24/16, seven hikers met at the parking area next to the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon. The weather was nice as we walked a few minutes on the Harding Truck trail down to the wash which was historically part of the now dry Modjeska reservoir.

Following the rock-strewn stream as we went along, there were occasional times when the water pooled, allowing the group to see newts and tadpoles and even a garter snake. 

The area is highly diverse in plant life due to the merging of multiple habitat types including riparian, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and north-slop facing woodland.  The trip was a great opportunity to see many of the trees native to Orange County including live oaks, ashes, sycamores, California bay laurel and big leaf maple.  A variety of flowering shrubs were seen including Matilija Poppy (Romneya coulteri)yellow bush penstemon (Keckiella antirrhinoides var. antirrhinoides), and Fish’s milkwort (Polygala cornuta var. fishiae) .  A few interesting species of note were seen including a couple red skinned onion (Allium haematochiton) and Nevin’s bricklebush (Brickellia nevinii)

Overall a great trip with a nice group of enthusiastic hikers.


2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Travel Grant

Congratulations to Marlee Antill, James Bailey, Rebecca Crow, Hailey Laskey, and Wilnelia Ricart, winners of our 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Student Travel Grant! We look forward to seeing them at the Conference next February. 

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