Trip Recap

A few events seemed to conspire in an effort to derail this trip, but to was not to be. First, a couple of weeks before the trip Casper's Park closed the trails that we had originally planned for the trip in order to allow the drought stressed and suffering coast live oaks to recover. Then, trip leader Diane Etchison badly sprained her ankle and appeared to be sidelined and trip appeared to be leaderless. Then, the threat of rain loomed. But it all come together and following a bit of rain the day before, the skies cleared, the leader recovered and new trails all aligned and we enjoyed a very successful trip.

Our trip leader, Diane Etchison knows these trails and the park about as well as anyone. With her ankle still hurting she nonetheless led us tirelessly on a loop that included Quail Run Trail, East Ridge Trail, Sun Rise Trail and Bell Canyon Trail. Wildflowers, perennials, butterflies and birds were all topics and, as is so often true on these OCCNPS field trips, we all learned from each other.