Trip Recap

What a great start to the year. Our first field trip of 2016 was a learning experience for all in attendance. Dr. Paul Wilson was extra prepared and could not have been a better leader. He was assisted by Neil Uelman, who was equally superb.

A very large group of 45 people attended and we split into two smaller groups.

We learned a great deal about these small, but incredibly diverse plants. Some of the mosses had names like Anacolia baueri, Bryum argenteum, Funaria hygrometrica, Syntrichia princeps, Homalothecium pennitifidum, Scleropodium cespitans, Gemmabryum, Imbribryum, Orthotrichum and Timmiella. The liverworts had names like Riccia trichocarpa, Targionia hypophylla, Asterella and Fossombronia.