Trip Recap

Almost 30 people from throughout Orange County joined is for this educational and interesting visit. Members of The National Audubon Society, Friends of Fairview Park and students from UC Irvine joined with CNPS members for this wonderful trip.

Barry was a terrific host and patiently explained the changes that have taken place here over the past five plus years. Barry has been restoring 20 acres to a natural, functioning ecosystem, from what was an Arundo forest and a dead forest of other invasive plants just a few years ago. The six ponds on the property at it accompanying coastal sage scrub, riparian and freshwater habitats now support a wide array of native plants and their associated birds, mammals, insects and other wildlife.

Barry was also kind enough to walk the group through the non-public area of the wetlands and show us the inner portions of the area. In spite of the dry winter, the plants were diverse and many were in bloom. In total, a surprising 114 species were catalogued during the visit or during a pre-visit a week earlier.

The vernal pools of course are dry this year, but we nonetheless discussed the fragile and rare environment of this area. Near the conclusion of the visit we even observed an Eagle Scout project with multiple volunteers who were busy planting and restoring an acre of degraded blufftop vegetation.

Barry was a great host and teacher and we all left being appreciative of efforts like Barry's and grateful that this rare coastal open-space is still being protected and even improved.