Trip Recap

What a beautiful area. 13 CNPS members and friends enjoyed a wunderful morning among the coastal sage scrub. complete with a good variety of plants and supplimented with plenty of birds, insects and other life.

We changed our course slightly and went South instead of North from our starting area at the Eastern end of Crown Valley Parkway, in the community of Las Flores. During the trip the group identified and recorded as many plant species as we could, native or otherwise. We identified a total of 97 species on the ridge, which includes 27 that were seen Thursday during a scouting trip (which included two miles of trail to the South, that were not visited today). Certainly, there were many more species that were missed today, but were nontheless present. Many annual species were invisible to us, present only within the dormant seed bank, waiting for a wetter year.

We had a good time and paused often to discuss what we were seeing. We learned from each other and studied the characteristics and natural history of the plants and animals of this very special area.