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Almost twently CNPS members and friends invested a portion of their Memorial Day weekend to enjoy the outdoors and see some of the plants and wildlife at Casper's Wilderness Park, off Hwy 74, east of San Juan Capistrano. Laura Camp, who knows the park well, led the group and offered excellent narration as we travelled. Some might remember Laura's excellent program about the park that she gave at our chapter meeting a couple of months ago.

After assembling at the far end of the park road on a cool, cloudy morning, we headed off up Dick Loskorn Trail. We climbing slowly above the valley and onto the western ridge of the park, as the weather began to warm and jackets began to come off. We then travelled north along West Ridge trail. This ridge trail had recently undergone maintenance and some of the trail edge plants were destroyed, but we still found plenty. After a bit less than a mile the group descended down Starr Rise Trail and then back to the starting point via beautiful Oak Trail.

The plants, like the habitats, were diverse and Laura discussed many while the attendees took notes and photos, learning as they went. Some of the highlights of the morning included Dudleya edulis and D. multicaulis - many-stemmed dudleya, three species of Calochortus, Clarkia epiloboides – willow-herb clarkia, both Croton californicus and Croton setiger, Eriastrum sapphirinum – sapphire woolly-star, four species of Pseudognaphalium - everlasting and Rafinesquia californica – California chicory,  For a complete list of all 121 species identified during the trip see the next tab "Plants Seen".

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Acmispon glaber – deerweed

Acmispon hermannii – southern wooly lotus

Acmispon americanus var. americanus – Spanish lotus

Acourtia microcephala - sacapellote

Adenostoma fasciculatum – chamise

Ambrosia psilostachya – western ragweed

Anagallis arvensis - scarlet pimpernel+

Artemisia californica - California sagebrush

Artemisia douglasiana – California mugwort

Asclepias eriocarpa – Indian milkweed

Avena sp. – wild oat+

Baccharis pilularis – coyote bush

Baccharis salicifolia – mule fat

Bloomeria crocea – golden star

Brassica nigra – black mustard+

Brickellia californica – California brickellbush

Calochortus catalinae – Catalina mariposa lily

Calochortus splendens – splendid mariposa lily

Calochortus weedii var. intermedius – weed’s mariposa lily

Calystegia macrostegia var. cyclostegia – bindweed

Camissoniopsis bistorta – suncups

Camissoniopsis micrantha – suncups

Cardionema ramosissimum - sand mat

Carduus pycnocephalus – Italian thistle+

Castilleja foliolosa – paintbrush

Centaurea melitensis – tocalote+

Chaenactis glabriuscula – yellow pincushion

Chamaesysyce sp. – spurge

Chenopodium californicum - California goosefoot

Cirsium occidentale – cobweb thistle

Clarkia epiloboides – willow-herb clarkia

Clematis lasiantha - pipestems

Calystegia macrostegia – false bindweed

Corethrogyne filaginifolia var. filaginifolia - common sandaster

Croton californicus – California croton

Croton setiger – dove weed

Cryptantha clevelandii

Cuscuta californica - dodder

Cynara cardunculus – cardoon+

Cyperus sp. - sedge

Datura wrightii - jimsonweed

Daucus pusillus  - rattlesnake weed

Deinandra fasciculata – fascicled tarplant

Dudleya edulis - live-forever

Dudleya lanceolata - lance-leaved live-forever

Dudleya multicaulis – many-stemmed live-forever

Dudleya pulverulenta – chalk dudleya

Eriastrum sapphirinum – sapphire woolly-star

Erigeron foliosus - fleabane

Eriogonum fasiculatum ssp. fasciculatum – Cal. buckwheat

Eriophyllum confertifolium - golden yarrow

Erodium sp.- cranesbill+

Galium angustifolium - narrow-leaved bedstraw

Galium parisiense – wall bedstraw+

Hazardia squarosa – sawtooth goldenbush

Hedypnois creteca – Crete weed+

Helianthemum scoparium -  sunrose

Hesperoyucca whipplei – chaparral yucca

Heteromeles arbutifolia – toyon

Heterotheca grandiflora - telegraphweed

Hypochaeris glabra – smooth cat’s ear+

Isocoma menziesii - goldenbush

Keckiella cordifolia – heartleaf keckiella

Lepidospartum squamatum – scale broom

Leymus condensatus – giant wild rye

Lolium multiflorum – Italian ryegrass+

Lupinus longifolius – longleaf bush lupine

Malosma laurina - laurel sumac

Marah macrocarpa - wild cucumber

Marrubium vulgare – horehound+

Melica imperfecta – melic grass

Mimulus aurantiacus - bush monkeyflower

Mimulus cardinalis – scarlet monkeyflower

Nicotiana glauca – tree tobacco+

Opuntia sp. – prickly pear

Osmadenia tenella - osmadenia

Oxalis albicans – sorrel

Pellaea andromedifolia – coffee fern

Pentagramma triangularis – goldback fern

Phacelia cicutaria – caterpillar phacelia

Phacelia ramosissima – branching phacelia

Phoradendron macrophyllum - mistletoe

Plantago erecta – plantain

Platanus racemosa – western sycamore

Pseudognaphalium biolettii – bicolored cudweed

Pseudognaphalium californicum - California everlasting

Pseudognaphalium canescens – fragrant everlasting

Pseudognaphalium sp.

Quercus agrifolia - coast live oak

Quercus berberidifolia - scrub oak

Rafinesquia californica – California chicory

Rhamnus californica – coffeeberry

Rhamnus ilicifolia – holly-leaved redberry

Rhus integrifolia – lemonadeberry

Ribes indecorum – white-flowering currant

Romneya coulteri – matilija poppy

Rosa californica – California wild rose

Rumex sp. – dock+

Salsola tragus – Russian thistle+

Salvia apiana - white sage

Salvia mellifera - black sage

Sambucus mexicana – Mexican elderberry

Scrophularia californica - figwort

Sidalcea malvaflora – checkerbloom-

Silene gallica – common catchfly+

Silene laciniata – cardinal catchfly

Sisyrinchium bellum – blue-eyed grass

Solanum umbelliferum – blue witch

Sonchus sp. – sow thistle+

Stachys rigida var. rigida – hedge-nettle

Stipa coronata var. coronata – giant needlegrass

Stipa pulchra – purple needlegrass

Thalictrum fendleri – meadow rue

Torilis nodosa – knotted hedge parsley+

Toxicodendron diversilobum - poison oak

Trifolium obtusiflorum – creek clover

Umbellularia californica – California bay laurel

Urtica dioica ssp. holosericea – hoary nettle

Verbascum species

Vitis girdiana – southern California grape

Xanthium strumarium – cocklebur


+ Not native - at this site - Seen during scouting, 5-24-12


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