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19 people, from San Diego to Los Angeles, met in the hills above Laguna Beach for the three mile round trip walk along the ridges surrounding Hobo Canyon. The weather was overcast and mild, a perfect day for nature lovers.

As we walked the ridge we learned of the efforts of local resident David Randel to keep this trail and others nearby free of invasive weeds, especially mustard (Brassica). David’s efforts were applauded by the group, which added two or three more that we discovered with considerable searching. Great job!

We paused to appreciate the unique plant communities in this area, diegan sage scrub and maritime chaparral, both of which are greatly reduced in size from their former ranges. These habitats support a unique community of plants, many of which are found nowhere else, Cneoridium dumosum, Ceanothus megacarpus, Comarostaphylis diversifolia, Dichondra occidentalis and Rhamnus crocea. The rare and federally protected big-leaved crown beard (Verbesina dissita) was also located and discussed. This, and a handful of other canyons nearby, are the only places this plant occurs outside of Mexico. It is an OC national endemic plant.

At the turnaround point the group was asked if they wanted to go another half mile and possibly see Eriastrum, Chorizanthe and Cercocarpus. The enthusiastic group said yes and we marched on, locating all three.

In all, the group logged 73 plant species, including new species for many of the attendees.

{tab=Plants Seen}

Acmispon glaber - deerweed

Adenostoma fasciculatum var. obtusifolium – chamise

Anagallis arvensis - scarlet pimpernel+

Artemisia californica - California sagebrush

Atriplex semibacatta – Australian saltbush+

Avena sp. – wild oat+

Baccharis pilularis – coyote brush

Bloomeria crocea – golden star

Calochortus splendens - Mariposa lily

Calystegia macrostegia var. cyclostegia – bindweed

Carduus pycnocephalus – Italian thistle+

Carpabrotus edulis – hottentot fig+

Castilleja affinis – paintbrush

Ceanothus megacarpus – bigberry California lilac

Centaurea melitensis – tocalote+

Cercocarpus betuloides - mountain mahogany

Chamaesysyce sp. – spurge

Chorizanthe staticoides – Turkish rugging

Cneoridium dumosum – bush rue

Comarostaphylis diversifolia – summer holly

Corethrogyne (Lessingia) filaginifolia - cliff aster

Cortederia sp. – pampas or jubata grass+

Cuscuta californica - dodder

Cynara cardunculus – cardoon

Deinandra fasciculata – fascicled tarplant

Dichondra occidentalis – western dichondra

Dudleya lanceolata - lance-leaved live-forever

Dudleya multicaulis – many-stemmed live-forever

Dudleya pulverulenta – chalk dudleya

Elymus condensatus - giant wild rye

Encelia californica – California sunflower

Eriastrum sapphirinum – sapphire wolly-star

Eriogonum fasiculatum ssp. fasciculatum – Cal. buckwheat

Eriophyllum confertifolium - golden yarrow

Erodium sp.- cranesbill+

Foeniculum vulgare – fennel+

Galium angustifolium - narrow-leaved bedstraw

Grindelia camporum – gum plant

Heteromeles arbutifolia - toyon

Hypochaeris glabra – smooth cat’s ear+

Isocoma menziesii - goldenbush

Isomeris arborea - bladderpod

Juncus sp. - rush

Leymus condensatus – giant wild rye

Lomatium lucidum – shiny lomatium

Lupinus microcarpus - chick lupine

Malacothamnus fasciculatus laxiflorus – bushmallow

Malosma laurina - laurel sumac

Marah macrocarpa - wild cucumber

Marrubium vulgare – horehound+

Mimulus aurantiacus - bush monkeyflower

Mirabilis laevis – wishbone flower

Opuntia sp. – prickly pear

Osmadenia tenella - osmadenia

Pennisetum setaceum var rubrum? – red fountain grass

Pseudognaphalium californicum - California everlasting

Quercus agrifolia - coast live oak

Quercus berberidifolia - scrub oak

Rhamnus crocea – spiny redberry

Rhamnus ilicifolia – holly-leaved redberry

Rhus integrifolia - lemonadeberry

Ribes speciosa – fuschia-flowered gooseberry

Rumex sp. – dock+

Salvia mellifera - black sage

Sambucus mexicana – Mexican elderberry

Sisyrinchium bellum – blue-eyed grass

Solanum sp. (douglasii?) - nightshade

Solanum sp. (umbelliferum?) - nightshade

Sonchus sp. – sow thistle+

Stachys rigida – hedge nettle

Stipa pulchra – purple needlegrass

Toxicodendron diversilobum - poison oak

Verbesina dissita – big-leaved crown beard


+ Not native - at this site