{tab=Trip Recap}

About 35 people combined into 11 trucks and four-wheel drives and headed into the Santa Ana Mountains and Cleveland National Forest for a full day of great scenery and a variety of natiral history highlights. Now in its tenth year this much anticipated tour through our local mountains never disappoints. After meeting at the USFS Fire Station in lower Silverado Canyon, we drove up the road for our first stop at the newly completed Silverado Nature Center at the end of the canyon, near the forst forest gate.

Debra Clarke of the USFA Cleveland National Forest was our host and Lee Shoemaker was our guide. We traveled mountain roads for the next six or seven hours stopping periodically to experience the diversity of the forest. From Silverado we continued up  Maple Springs Road to the intersection with Main Divide Road. From there we slowly caravaned south on Main Divide up to the summit of Santiago Peak, OC's highest point. Afterward we continued further south on Main Divide until we intersected Indian Truck Trail. We followed Indian Truck Trail down the eastern flank of the mountains to our finish at the edge of the city of Corona. We then completed the loop via freeway back into Orange County.

{tab=Plants Seen}

Although not specifically a plant trip, we did note several interesting species. including:

Agoseris grandiflora - mountain dandelion
Allium haematochiton - red-skinned onion
Allium monticola - san bernardino mountains onion
Arctostaphylos glandulosa - eastwood manzanita
Argemone minuta ssp. robusta - prickly poppy
Arnica discoidea - rayless arnica
Ceanothus leucodermis - whitebark ceanothus
Clarkia bottae - punchbowl clarkia
Clarkia purpurea - four-spot clarkia
Claytonia perfoliata (with leaf variegations) - miner's lettuce
Dudleya cymosa - sierran live-forever
Eriogonum saxitile - rock buckwheat
Erysimum capitatum - western wallflower
Gilia capitata - ball gilia
Keckiella antirrhinoides - yellow beardtongue
Mimulus clevelandii - cleveland monkeyflower
Monardella macrantha ssp. hallii - hall's monardella
Nemophila menziesii - baby blue eyes
Nolina cismontana - chaparral beargrass
Orabanche fasciculata - pine broom rape
Phacelia imbricata - imbricate phacelia
Quercus chrysolepis - canyon oak
Sanicula graveolens - sierra panicle
Sanicula tuberosa - tuberous sanicle
Turricula parryi - poodle dog bush
Viola pedunculata - johnny jump up
Viola sheltonii - shelton's violet