Come see Allen's Daisy at LCWP!

Join us on Saturday, 23 April, at Laguna Coast Wilderness as we search for the rare and elusive Allen's Daisy (Pentachaeta aurea ssp. allenii). It's a small aster found only in the hills above Laguna Beach and Limestone Canyon. I checked it out Tuesday and it is indeed in flower right now. Meet by 9am in the parking lot of the Nix Nature Center. Each parked vehicle needs a county (not federal, not state) parks pass, either an annual one or a day-use one; both are sold at the Nix Nature Center. Please try to carpool.

At 9:15 am SHARP, we'll hike up the trail to see it. It's about 1/8 mile up the Stagecoach Trail from the large sign in the south side of the parking lot. We'll also look at other wildflowers along the way up and down. An uncommon species, prostrate spineflower (Chorizanthe procumbens) is in bloom there as well. Should take no more than 1 hour from start to finish..

Afterward, some people might head into the Dilley Preserve where thick-leaved ground cherry (Physalis crassifolius, a tomato relative) was recently rediscovered.

No RSVP necessary. Leader:  Bob Allen. Difficulty: Easy/moderate.